Sunday, January 31, 2010

Resolution accomplished...

At the beginning of January I set out to complete thirty one poems; I knew that they would only be at first draft stage so I wasn't expecting brilliance, just the start of some poems that might turn into something good when I come to redraft and edit during February.

It's been hard work at times and I'm eternally grateful to three forms in particular which helped me to stick to my resolution even when I was short on time: cinquain; haiku (of course); and it's nature free cousin the senryu. I'm looking forward to taking a well earned rest and spending a little more time with my husband in the evenings... between my resolution (and the facebook group I set up to make sure I stuck to it) and celebrity big brother there has been little time for conversation.

I managed to write thirty two poems in the end and at the moment I'm feeling quite proud of myself - but we'll see if that feeling lasts when I come to reread and complete my poems! I hope so. (

This is the last poem...

All Things Must Pass

The first time you watch a film
that you’ll watch a hundred times more

The relationship with the boy
who took your virginity
and shared his record collection

The packet of Rolos;
give the last one to your lover

The second attempt at university
that will see you walk away
with a Drinker’s Degree (a Desmo

The disastrous football season
that will end in relegation

Whichever war is currently
reported on page two
of whichever broad sheet

Your parents’ second marriages
to people they never liked

Club nights at World Headquarters
on Marlborough Crescent;
the Trent House Soul Bar

The brittle friendship with the girl
you partied and bitched with

Your student maintenance grant
that you never thought
Labour would steal away

The last day in an office job
you were never cut out for

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