Monday, September 14, 2009

It's all a bit fucky really...

So. Today my daughters have both been a bit sweary. Ruby (2 and a half) has coined a new swear word that I think can hold it's own with the big boys. I innocently got a her pink coat down from the peg and offered it to her before we set off for playgroup. She refused saying "no I don't like that one, it's fucky"... there would normally have been a battle of wills but me and Dan were too busy finding the newly coined expletive cripplingly funny. Of course we tricked her into saying it a couple more times before I finally said... "Do you mean yucky?" I got a different coat down and we went to playgroup.

Swearing incident number two came as we were shifting a sofa into Maya's room. I stumbled a little bit and was about to swear but stopped myself. Maya instantly piped up "Mummy was going to say fucking hell"... When she was 3, any incidences of bad language were just a bunch of syllables so if she overheard me saying fucking hell under my breath (usually at Jesmond mums driving round in tanks) she would say what she thought she heard - (fugging heck). Now she's in year one and spends breaks in the big playground with some of the older kids, I'm sure the odd swear word will float around so she might be more familiar with them... It's not that I swear that much... honest.

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